Why you should rent for a furnished apartment in Frankfurt

David Speier

Founder and Owner

Looking for an apartment in Frankfurt am Main can be extremely challenging – especially for prospective tenants from a foreign city or even another country. A furnished apartment is the perfect solution here – especially for the early days. Here’s why:

1. less competition

The market for furnished apartments is relatively new in Frankfurt, compared to other countries. Most people looking for an apartment, already own expensive furnishings, which they usually want to keep. Thus, unfurnished apartments usually have a much higher volume of prospective tenants. This makes it especially difficult for people looking for an apartment from out of town to be successful in the unfurnished rental market.

2. organization

Especially since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, delivery times for furniture has increased dramatically, also organizing the furnishings can prove to be highly complicated. So if you are moving to Frankfurt from another German city or even from abroad, the most practical option is to arrive with just your luggage and rent a furnished apartment here.

3. contract terms

For unfurnished apartments, the minimum contract period is usually twelve to 24 months, whereas for furnished apartments this is usually reduced to just three to six months. Especially when looking for an apartment from abroad, it can be risky to commit to such a long contract period without knowing the city or country or having even visited the apartment at all. Therefore, it is advisable to rent a furnished apartment and then look for a long-term solution locally (if at all). The notice period for almost all furnished apartments is only one to two months, while unfurnished apartments usually have a notice period of three months.

4. the cost factor

Even though the rental costs for a furnished versus a non-furnished apartment may seem high at first, these expenses have to be compared with the financial expenses it would take to get, deliver and set up the respective furiture.

Basically, therefore, it can be said that a furnished apartment or room can be an ideal – and possibly long-term – solution, especially for people who are new residents of our beautiful Frankfurt aka „Mainhatten“.

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